Foot Works Pedorthic Services
Why Wait 6 Months Until The Pain Becomes Unbearable?

Custom Foot Orthotics

When your medical professional refers you to us, we will perform a full clinical foot assessment and biomechanical gait analysis.

If Custom Foot Orthotics are required, we will take a 3-D cast of your feet. We will design, manufacture, and fit your orthotics

to help alleviate pressure points and improve foot and leg function.

Custom Foot Orthotics can be made in a multitude of different styles, sizes and shapes with even more fabrication material choices available.

We will construct an ideal orthotic for you!

Orthopedic Footwear


Orthopedic footwear is an integral part of a Pedorthist's tool box.  Footwear provides the stable work platform for the custom foot orthotics to perform.

We will educate, recommend and guide you to the size, style and

supportive shoe features optimal to assist you in having happier, healthier,

and more active feet.